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Default Re: I have a illegal microchip in me

Originally Posted by sonic111 View Post
Because I can hear them talking to me 2 of them sound like ex-girlfriends of mine. This is not a lie. These aren't demonic voices they are real people talking to me and I can respond under my breath and they can understand me. We carry on conversations all the time and these people are nothing nice. They have told me that they work for the government and told me I have a chip in my head. I was in prison when they first started talking to me I thought my cell mate was bugged. We wound up fighting and the next guy that came in the same thing happened.
That's just awful.

But, again, how do you know you were injected?

Do you know why they would want to do this to you?

Can someone please advise Sonic as to whether or not a chip can be implanted through injection and provide him with resources as to how to determine, if, indeed he does have a chip in his head and what he can possibly do to have it removed.

Any help you can give him would be appreciated.

It could be they are penetrating your mind through other means.

I would suggest that you IGNORE THEM COMPLETELY.
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