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Thumbs up Let's Grow a Garden Of Eden!

When God put Adam and Eve on Earth, he put them in a Garden.

Why? Because a Garden is where we are meant to live. In a
garden, the more care given to it, the more it produces fruit.

But, we must trust God's method of gardening. He has given
us great knowledge, and through the power of the seed, he
has given us authority over our world.

There is a powerful force in the world that thinks God is evil,
and they want to hurt those that love God. Those that love
God, need to be aware of how these movements are designed
to ensnare us in a web of deceit, debt, and slavery.

Just like in Egypt, when a certain race was enslaved to another race,
this time has come to that. But, this time, we have the prophecy.

The prophecy will bring about horrendous conditions on earth for all,
even those protected by God.

So we need to grow our own food. Even if it's a couple of cloves of garlic
in a bucket in a window sill, (be creative), we have to plant a seed now.

Every seed planted reduces the carbon emission doublefold, by reducing
industrial farming techniques and transport/export fuels and costs.

You may pay only $1 for that clove of garlic, but think about how much
waste went into getting it to the grocery store.

A 4 ft by 4t square on a patio can produce a nice salad garden.

One of those bags of salad, is what, $5? A tomato, cucumber (vertical gardening)

Another thing is, the insect world needs us humans. We have
killed off the "icky" ones, leaving the "cute" ones and now
we are facing genetically modified food growing science to
"combat" these evil pests, when in reality, they only take
about 10%. Consider it a tithe.

Infact, ENCOURAGE some pest behavior, and you will see that the balance
makes the "creepy" bugs less "creepy".

Now, if we could just get them to stop messing with the balance of the

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