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Originally Posted by redrat11 View Post
You know I already know that BA, The news today is Shillary/Lezzo will be Negroid/Obamanation/Homos running mate, ie, "Vice Prez" I say within 6 months he gets gunned down in CHICAGO!!! but, as for the Senile War Monger (McBraindead) TB was right, I bet 'they' put that Negress Zio Shill Miss Rice in as his running mate, I was thinking about this awhile ago, (oh, and 4 those who find my words 'offensive' go sit on something) anyway, it occurred to me that after at least 40 years of dumbing down and homosexualizing the populace, not to mention making White Liberal Idiots feel guilty about themselves, hence, putting UNQUALIFIED BLACKS IN OFFICE THRU AFFIRMATIVE ACTION, and that's really what this is all about, both Shillary and Obama, affirmative action imbusols, I mean think about, the PTB PUT THESE PEOPLE ON PEDESTALS, they 'trained' them all there lives for this moment in American History, and I ask what for? The economy is near collapse, (fact is, it's just being held up by more trickery and deceit in the financial markets) Iran is still on the next 'victim' list as a Terror Nation, so I guess the dipsticks who actually vote have SOME CHOICE HEY??? god what a F***-uped country!!!
The powers that be would not gun down Obama if he is ushered into the White House because that is where they want him to be, unless it would be to send a message to the African community that they shouldn't even think about running for the office of the Presidency because the same will happen to them.

Afterall, a black man or another Kennedy in the White House is something they would never allow to happen, so I don't think Obama will win, but if he does, it's because they want him there for some reason and could be just like you said, to gun him down, but that would be to send a message. Just as they did with JFK and RFK. A message to other Kennedy's. Don't even think about it. John, Jr. was and he was killed in a small plane crash. Their fingerprints all over that one.

Or, do you think someone outside of the government will gun him down?

Either way, Hillary will take-over and another puppet will be in place.

They think that if they install OBAMA, they're actually placing an African American in the White House, but truly Obama does not speak to the majority of that race.

He connects more with the white folks.

Anyway, I wouldn't discount McCain and if he is placed in the Oval Office, GOD help us all. The man has a terrible temper and attempts to appear in the middle, but is, of course, a puppet for the NeoCons and the NWO.

Just like the rest of them.
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