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Default Re: Woman leads men in prayer

The Koran, a total fraud, is a book of deception straight from Satan. God did NOT author this book nor was it inspired by God--only the Holy Bible is divinely inspired.

Satan is a deceiver and he wants to shackle the minds of men into believing lies. Once he has you deceived he can then begin to destroy you. Satan has deceived Ahmed, and he is well on his way to total separation from God in hell. ("And all whose names were not found written in the Lamb's book of life were cast into hell." Revelation)

Don't listen to Ahmed unless you want to share in his fate! Satan has deceived him and now Ahmed wants to deceive you!

You see Ahmed cannot stand up to any criticism or investigation of his Muslim beliefs; he even refuses to disclose what sect of Islam he belongs to! (He reminds me of other deceivers like the Mormons, jehovah Witnesses and others: these deceivers avoid answering the simplest of questions and instead offer, long-winded packaged propaganda. If you ask a man what time is it, and instead he attempts to sell you a defective watch, get away from him.)

Ahmed's avoidance of the truth is a major tip-off that he is separated from the truth. When men dwell in darkness and avoid the light of truth, run away from them.

Ahmed is on this forum to troll for converts to Islam but he will only lead you into misery, deception and ultimately into hell. DON"T LISTEN TO HIS LIES BECAUSE HE WORKS FOR SATAN whether he realizes it or not.

If you are seeking answers to the questions of life, then turn to the Holy Bible and Jesus Christ. Jesus died for your offenses and wickedness, and ONLY THROUGH JESUS CAN YOU BE SAVED. His blood paid the price for your sins! Think about that.

"I am the way, the truth and the life. No man comes to the Father but through me."

There are NO other ways to forgiveness of your sins and eternal life in heaven so don't allow the deceivers like Ahmed, to usher you into making yet another mistake.

Take your problems to Jesus Christ and He will hear you.

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