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Default Re: The Great "HIV" Hoax

Pharm. co.'s are just legal drug dealers and Drs. make a killing off of allowing them to prescribe them to us. They get kick backs like cruises and all kinds of extra benefits/gifts etc. I worked as a housekeeper in the medical center behind my house and heard alot about this sort of thing from the office secetaries/personnel etc. its awful. I rarely use anything but deal with the minor aches and pains I sometimes get. I once in a blue moon take an ibuprofin for a toothache I may get every now and then. I refuse to take anything and will not let anyone prescribe me any drugs. We have become dependent on taking to many different types of painkillers and other kinds of over and under the counter drugs. Pills to loose weight,one a days,any kind of vitamin you can imagine,sinus pills,pills for insomina,pills for those who sleep to much. Its getting out of hand. I stock retail in health and beauty in my department at the dollar store and we get all kinds of medicines.We even had a vitiman pill for hair growth and stronger nails. Go figure. Now the new thing is rub-on medications. I guess that goes right through your system/body-bloodstream and workes even quicker. Its all a bit crazy if you ask me. However there are some medicines that are created for a purpose and helpful many people however, I believe most are not.

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