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Default Re: Warning; The End is Here.

Well, I'm always glad when folks enjoy the videos I point them to.

I just wish I could connect more with folks...not just here, but

everywhere. I'm kinda stuck at home for now, got a leg injury and am slowly healing.

but at work I was connecting, not all the time, there are alot of thick heads still,

but many times folks had similar sentiments to your and mine...which we never see get translated on teevee.

Which is good to know, that there are more of us, but it is just totally suppressed.

Have you seen this;

REVOLUTION March on D.C. - July 12th, 2008 - RESTORE THE CONSTITUTION for Feedom, Peace, and Prosperity - Ron Paul!

I was thinking of starting a thread on it...
Things are rarely as they seem on the surface
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