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Default Re: What are the secrets of the bible?

Originally Posted by BlueAngel View Post
Satan isn't real, Pal.

Accept it and move on.

Try replacing him with GOD.

Are you saying God and Satan are the same ?

Before I saw and understood what is going on in DC I did not believe in a Satan.
Before understanding the DC beast I did not belong to any religion, I was not atheist per se, just didnt follow anything but truth as best I could see it.
I have come a long long way since those days and still follow no religion, just truth.

Those who set up DC are the most intense religous folk in the history of the world.
What they have set up has many names.

Back on topic of the thread.

In the old and new Testaments there is language like "seal up these words" etc.
Seal up = hide knowledge/truth.
Occult = hidden knowledge.
So, the old and new testaments are in fact occult.

Paul the Apostle says there are three levels of understandng (understand when Paul said that there was no new testament yet), one for the masses, the other two were not for the masses, hence Occult/hidden knowledge.
Occult knowledge is not secret/hidden from the elite's/adepts but from the masses.

There are many secrets in the Bible because of translation.
One example is, in the beginning pages of the Bible there are three words (adham, haadham, ethhaadham) all rendered as man.
So when reading through those pages without understanding, one really knows not what they just read.

There is lots of secret stuff like that in the book.

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