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Question Re: Barack Obama???

Originally Posted by BlueAngel View Post
Why are you so shocked that Obama is one of THEM?

They all are.

Every person who serves as Commander in Chief, President of the United State's of America is beholden to the agenda of their masters.

The "secret/shadow" government. Those behind the curtain. The puppet masters.

It has never been any different.


Every candidate for the Presidency promises to change everything that is wrong about America and the "sheeple" fall for their false promises because they simply do not understand that the Senate stands in the way of these promises.

The Senate is the major force within this country that keeps us STAGNANT.

Just the way the Powers that Be want it.

The reason most of them have been compromised, born and bred for their jobs and/or members of the very wealthy and elitist families, including the Illuminati and/or ties to these families, such as Obama who is a distant cousin of Cheney's.
BA, I'm not surprised, don't know why you say that, there's a REASON THE JEWS are using him as a puppet for Prez, I already wrote about that in the introductory of this thread. Also, coincidentally I read or heard somewhere that LINCOLN WAS A HOMOSEXUAL, the man who "SET THIS COUNTRY UP" for what we are witnessing today, Yes, I'm now convinced that that there has, nor ever will be a AUTHENTIC AMERICA FIRST PRESIDENT, WHO IS'NT beholden to the Satanic power Structure of the Jew/Zionist/Mason/Satanist of this world. If Lincoln had'nt authorized the MASSACRE OF HUNDREDS OF THOUSANDS OF SECCESSIONIST from this SATANIC FEDERAL MASONIC UNION then none of the JEW timeline as I see happening could never unfold, Obama is a man possesed by DEMONS.
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