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Default Re:Michael Schiavo is a fucking EVIL scummy bastard!

Actually DC, the choices made 10-15 years ago still apply now. I disagree with the notion that Terry is brain dead. She recognizes her parents and brother, she smiles and blinks when she sees them. Nurses on afidavet have been able to feed her without the tube. Terry isn't bound to the bed, she's been propped up in a chair numerous times before. This clearly does not sound like someone who is incapable of recovery. The state is killing her through starvation. Criminals are at least given lethal injection. What's happening now to Terry is death by torture administered by the State. So where does it stop from there. How are useless eaters determined and by whom? I only see another usurpation of power by the State on this. If Terry dies by gross State negligence, which she most likely will, the facade of freedom in Amerika is fuckin' over, man! There's no turning back now. :-?
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