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No country, no nation, (no family, no God)

Socialized pension, socialized child-rearing (if you may call it that), socialized health (disease, really) care, socialist programs of every kind, ovegrown busy-body bureaucracy regulating every aspects and moments of everyone's life, 50% taxation, no freedom, no independence, no self-sufficiency.

Health-care, which only cares about your disease, spend $400,000 (of someone else's money) on a dying man; but cares nothing about clean drinking water, in fact, promotes putting rat-poison in it, never says anything about artificial colours, artificial flavours, hormones, and all other un-natural additives in our food. [Last Sunday in Toronto there was a demonstration in front of the hospitals (there are a bunch of them together) and the parliament building (which is next to them) demanding more money. Not one sign demanded less additives or lower population density in this city. Obviously the aim is the maintenance of a (and many) problem, not its solution.]

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