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Default Re: Fritz Springmeier, Illuminati?

Those persons who speak and/or write about Mind Control trauma-based programs are most probably disinformation agents and are not silenced through drastic measures that the powers that be deem necessary because they are not a REAL threat.

What mind control victim's story have you read, where you say to yourself, this is believable (mine?)or what mind control information have you read by those who profess to be "in the know" about this "cult," where you think to yourself this is believable?

How is it that Fritz, Icke and all the others have so much information about mind control programs if they are not disseminating truth and fiction because they are victims themselves?????

That is the most important QUESTION!?!

If they are not mind control victims themselves working as disinformation agents, how in the HELL do they know about these trauma-based programs?

Where did they receive their information?

If Fritz is a "mind control" victim/disinformation agent working for the NWO, perhaps he had a slip of the tongue and the FRAMING was a way to incarcerate him and use whatever means necessary in prison to get him back under control.

Framing was always used as a threat.

They can frame anyone they want.

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