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Default Re: United Nations Human Habitation Clearing...

Such "classified" information available on the web, eh?

One must be careful not to buy into all the scare tactics.

From where did this map originate?

Just happened to posted on the web?

I think they ought to guard their secrets more carefully.

Don't you?


These "monsters" could care less about humans, but are interested in preserving plant and animal life?

Don't think they give a damn about plant and/or animal life.

They mow down anything in their paths and that includes plant and animal life and living breathing entities such as those humans whom they are killing and maiming in Iraq and the "killing machines" they train to do their dirty work for them when they join the armed forces to serve, defend and protect the United State's of America from enemy invasion, but are forced instead to go abroad and secure for the "powers that be" the areas that are of interest to them. Such as those with NATURAL RESOURCES that provide them with wealth and power.
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