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Default Re: I Feel Safe Already !

Originally Posted by rainfall View Post
Don't we all feel safer now since 9-11. To think that they were looking for some middle eastern men and now a little old lady from kansas with a bic lighter etc. could be a suspect. Go figure this one out. Our freedoms are slowing being chopped away and most people say they feel safer? Me knowing the gov.' is doing their darnest to take over and control us even more so is not my idea of a safe nation.

Yes. All Americans are now suspects. In fact, anyone traveling from within the United States is a suspect whether an American citizen or not. And, as you said, to think they were looking for some middle eastern men who may be part of the "terrorist network" they created.

Go figure.

That lighter in my handbag isn't for a cigarette, right?

I must have another motive, eh?

Line up like cattle.

Search and seizure time.

Guilty until proven innocent and not even within a court of law.

As if that would matter anyway.
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