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Default Re: Woman leads men in prayer

The question of Christ is nothing to "jest" about Draken.

Your questions are valid, however, and there is an answer.

Try reading Romans chapters 1-3 for the complete answer, especially chapter 2.

In essence it says that "knowledge" of right and wrong is "written in the hearts" of men by God, and that men who are without specific understanding (let's say knowledge about Jesus) will be judged based on what knowledge they were given.

If one accepts that God does exist and that He did create the universe, and that He created men from dust, then doesn't it stand to reason that such a powerful God could easily know what was contained in the heart of any man--even those who lived BEFORE Christ revealed Himself to the world?

Moses lived BEFORE Christ came to earth as the revealed Son of God, yet Jesus said that Moses saw Jesus' time and "was glad."

Could God create the earth, the planets, and the suns but be unaware of the secrets, the thoughts and the beliefs contained in men's hearts? Can wicked men hide their wickedness from Him? No.

But you who have knowledge of Christ, and yet reject Him, are without a defense. You will stand accused of rejecting the Savior and be without an excuse before the Lord.

Your question reminds me of those that Jesus received from scoffers and disbelievers who rejected Him. He told them, that if they cannot believe the things He told them about this world, then how could they understand the things that are of heaven!

Don't look for reasons to reject Him, Draken, lest Satan will certainly continue to snare you with deception, doubt and disbelief. Satan wants to lie to you, torment you and then finish you off.

He does this by instilling doubt in one's mind.

Today is the day to believe in the Lord and follow Him.

All that's in balance is your eternal soul!
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