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Default Re: Mammon-Ra: God of the Jews..(Money.)

Originally Posted by BlueAngel View Post
I can't seem to find the text wherein this author reports as to the Luciferian rituals conducted in caves.

Please point me in that direction.

Also, how was it that he was able to observe this and what did the Luciferian rituals entail?

Thanking you in advance for your cooperation.
BA, that information is contained in one of his videos, Masonic Lodges over Jerusalem, if you do a google search on 'underground Masonic tunnels and caves' you might find something there. Even under Washington DC there exist a vast underground tunnel and cave network made by the Masons, I saw a history channel program on this some months ago, also they have tunnel and cave networks under NY City, as far as what they may have used then for is open for speculation, I suspect probably for there pedophile and child rape satanic rituals, there is a real disgusting evil in the layout of DC, ANYTHING from them would'nt surprise me at all. They do worship the PHALLIC SYMBOL, in the form of obelisks around the world it seems. NOTE: The Phallic Symbol in other words is a Penis. hence, that is why most of the worlds leaders are perverse satanic minded individuals who have no moral or ethical standards, this is contrary to what WE THE PEOPLE expect from our leaders, but, THE POWERS THAT BE have this world under OCCULT POWERS OF DARKNESS.

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