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Originally Posted by Delta View Post
Does you "husband" know just how childish you act on this site?

Do your "children" know how childish you act on this site?

Does your "husband" think you are setting a good example to your "children" with your childish behaviour on the internet?

Make a new years resolution to help yourself and your "husband" and "children"

It's a simple resolution: Just say not to the internet! You should not for you but for your "husband" and "children"
Excuse me, Delta.

But, you would be the one who acts childish.

People are here to post topics of importance and you are nothing but a troll.

Remember, now, when you go to the polls to vote for our next President, John McCain will keep our troops in Iraq for 100 years.

That's quite a demented statement, since he'll be dead before that time and won't have the power to affect anything or anyone.
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