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Default Re: FEMA - Concentration Camps for US Citizens !

Back When i was living in California my friends and i happened to come across some of these camps 4 to be exact all where deeply placed in wooded areas in Northern California 1 hour north of San Fransisco.

Facilities Had -

Barbed Wire atop fences angled inward
3 had railroad tracks leading to or running adjacent to the facilities
Most built on or near water treatment facility
Had some type of rotating patrol units (only 1 identified as DHS)
2 Had Elevated towers placed at overwatch positions
What apppeared to be empty buildings that could easily be used/converted into housing or storage units
No one I knew or spoke to had any clue what the use of such facilities would be for. This was before I was enlightened on the plan to round up undesirables within the US
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