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Lightbulb Re: Disinformation agents: Alex Jones and Jeff Rense

Well, I'm not entirely sure what "Club Conspiracy's" relationship with Makow is, but there's nothing trustworthy about GCN, Rense, Jones, or pretty much anyone in the so called "alternative media". Alex Jones is the worst, I honestly think that on most occassions, he makes the entire "conspiracy community" look bad. Nevermind his lack of information on some of the most important subjects, his personality is bad enough. The proclaimed "Father of the 911 Truth Movement" is kinda despicable.

Anyway, nice to see more forums out there who, while they might be searching for truth, aren't bowing down to Alex Jones, Ron Paul and others, as if they are the greatest Christian, Hero, Patriots the world has ever known. It's really quite sickening to witness.

Ron Paul pulls in $20 million? Alex Jones pulls in $200,000 in a single day with the same type of "money bomb". How much of that was corporate donated? Alex Jones is a self defeating paradigm. The very nature of his presence exposes him for what he really is; a shill...

The Bohemian Grove "infiltration" was funded by Channel 4 in the UK by the way, openly admitted to having heavy Zionist ties. Personally, I think Jones got the gig because of his affiliation with "Sacred Cow" productions, a company founded by Kevin Booth, the best friend of late comedian Bill Hicks. Bill Hicks was slated to have his own TV show through Channel 4 in the UK, but died before it could fully get into production. I think that Sacred Cow, signing on Alex Jones, kinda handed him this "infiltration" (after the popularity of 'The Blair Witch Project' style).

I'm not talking bad about Bill Hicks, because he died before any of this was being concocted, using his name and popularity.

The 'Sacred Cow' connection would also give Jones some more of his Hollywood relations, as bill Hicks was highly influential in the comedy community (he's a favorite comedian of guys like Jay Leno, Janene Garafolo, Ben Stiller, etc, etc). Jones kinda got a free pass into a celebrity club of sorts. His job is to be a figure head leader, but always let it linger, never taking it to it's most logical conclusions. Covering for the real perpetrators by always laying the conspiracy at the feet of "shadowy globalists". The epitome of an obligatory "alternative" mouthpiece.

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