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Default Re: Disinformation agents: Alex Jones and Jeff Rense

Originally Posted by jester5150 View Post
I got to disagree with most of the post on this thread regarding alex jones and jeff rense. Both of them have provided evidence and exposed plans for a coming NWO instead of trying cover it up as most media has. Both of them have exposed things the Illuminati does not want you to know about there for there have been many attempts to debunk what they have said as lies by countless disinfo agents.there are members in this forum that i beleive to be disinfo agents based on their statements in this forum.
How do they know what they know?

Why are they in possession of such heavily guarded secrets?

Were they given a play book?

I mean, if the NWO were worried about Alex Jones, etc. exposing whatever it is he is exposing besides fear, etc., they would not have provided him with a podium or given him the keys to Bohemia Grove.

Quite frankly, these guys haven't exposed anything that has detered the perpetrators in any form or fashion.
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