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Default Re: DELTA and RedRat; NWO Operatives

Originally Posted by jester5150 View Post
I think Blue Angel is the most destructive force to this forum. Clearly a Disinfo Agent
Oh, here we go again.

Destructive, you say?

To a certain degree, but not to this forum.

Anyone who comes to this site and REFERS to me as a disinformation agent is CLEARLY a disinformation agent.

What would lead you to this belief?

The fact that what I write is CLEARLY opposed to the NWO and that I impart the intelligence and knowledge I gained from having been amongst the beasts against my own free will, and trained as an OPERATIVE at a very early age in order to escape and free myself from my enslavement in MKULTRA/Project Monarch?

You have made your MOTIVE for being here very CLEAR.

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