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Default Re: Satanic ritual in Iraq


" since 19 years after Muhammad's death the book was injected with the two false verses, thus it is from the very beginning contaminated with these two false verses intended to exalt Muhammad and make him an idol besides God."

In the religion of 19 which you beleive in, God couldnt protect his book and let people inject the book with 2 verses.After Allah SubhanaTeala said that he would protect his book.SO therefore according to you God couldnt protect the book for 1400 years until Reshad.That would make the God that you beleive in a God who couldnt protect his book after saying that he would...
He let muslims read a false Kur'an for 1400 years. Al Kur'an therefore according to you was re discovered by your Reshad..

That is by far your biggest mistake..

But according to My beleif Islam, Allah Allmighty did what he said "He protected his book from day 1"

Now which God is a more powerfull God?
The one that couldnt protect his book from false verses or the one that didnt see or couldnt stop mankind from injecting two false verses??

Your argument therefore will lead people to beleive te power of the God you beleive is a limited one, a god who couldnt keep his word..

Nay..... Nay .... Nay

You have the Christian mentality running through your veins.. Allthough you seem like you are a big threat to christianity you are of great service to it...

Allah is Allmighty and Allknowing..
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