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Default Re: GREAT VIDEO from a whistleblower !

NOMAD...this stuff is GOLD!!!!!!!!!

People I urge you to download these 2 files.

I have heard about this stuff through bits and peices. It happens here in Oz as well though nowhere near the same degree.

Eric Hufschimid has balls for doing this stuff. That woman has the female equivilent.

These are the freaks that are coming to Oz. They are preparing the ground with new technologies not even happening in the U.S.

Right now in Perth, Western Australia they are about to start GPS tracked Multirider cards. You can track where your kids are travelling on the Internet. NOT A PEEP in the media! NOT A PEEP. If you use public transport you are now trackable by ANYONE with access to the net and your password.

Given the safety of C/C details are we a little worried?


Ahmed, you can Allah A'kbah till you're blue in the face. These evil bastards must be fought. Stay at home and pray to Allah. The Christians will do the fighting for you.

P.S I might add that the Moon landing press conference had me going. Was it fake after all? Will I have to kiss Rush's ass? The evidence against can be dismissed pretty easily in most cases but that press conference? A picture is worth a thousand words.

I may stand corrected.
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