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Default Re: Is this God's image in the sky?

Originally Posted by Madnes5s View Post
Are all of you believers? I dont believe theres a god, i believe that something happened but theres not a "god" that is all powerful thats bs maybe a bunch o alien through dinos then humans onto the earth or w,e maybe we just evolved but we will never know until we evolve
plus theres no proof and this is a conspiracy forum, you should know how much money is in religion...

Good Sh*t finally someone like me understand things the way I see them. Iam an atheist 100 %. In my opinion religion is another arm of the NWO that keeps people in line to make there job much easier. If someone questions what they are doing they can just fall back and claim its what "god" wants. I think the bible/quran/talmud/any other religious text was written by the Illuminati to cause a sort of "Santa Clause Effect" for lack of a better phrase. That is create so much fear of doing "wrong" because of a negative outcome or by creating a positive outcome for doing "good" that mass manipulations of people is possible with minimal effort expended. By outcome i refer to some peoples belief of an existence after death. Most devote religious people will do WHATEVER is asked of them by their living religious leaders.
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