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Default Re: “Michael Ruppert Becomes Front Man for Illuminati Depopulation Agenda”

Yes, an excellent article. Just goes to show that no one can really be trusted. All sources of information must be questioned and tested in this "Age of the Matrix"; so far, however, Mike Ruppert would appear to pass the test. I can not fault any of his conclusions or observations in that short article.

there are known and deliberately untapped oil reserved in Alaska that could provide our energy needs for a long, long time.
A quarter of a century ago, in the mid to late seventies, my father had relatives in the wildcat oil drilling business who still had numerous small wells that were steadily producing. When he caught up with some of them at a family gathering shortly after the first "energy crisis", he was surprised to find that they were all out of business. When he questioned them, they stated that they had been involuntarily bought out by the government, under Carter at the time, under the auspices of some energy conservation program. Had they refused to sell, it was made abundantly clear that they would be dealing with an insurmountable load of environmental and other regulations that would make it impossible for them to continue in business. The amount of "secret oil reserves" that our government now controls in this manner are probably impossible to calculate.
No, we are not in an energy crisis. This is strictly a moral and spiritual crisis, but it is rapidly coming to a flashpoint.
Nor is there any reason for it. I agree with Mr. Ruppert that technologies, some of them as old as mankind themselves, have been deliberately suppressed to exacerbate the situation to the point of current conflicts. Sometime I must post a thread on Rene Noorbergen's book "Secrets of the Lost Races".
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