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Default Are Infants Being Sexualized?

The ability to have a complete lack of sexual inhibition when one is a victim of a "mind control" program and incarcerated amongst the Beasts, is referred to as BETA programming.

This programming is installed in other personalities which are created through trauma and which remain child-like even as the victim matures in order to satisfy the pedophile desires of the sexual deviants who control/handle and abuse their victims.

This is a method used as well, whereby a child can be forced to perform in this altered state for Mafia/CIA pornography and, as I've said, to satisfy the sexual deviants within the music industry, government, politicians abroad, military, etc.

Psychological operations to cause the "the lack of sexual inhibition" within our society has been ongoing for a very long time dating back, of course, to the sexual revolution of the 1960's.

Our children are forced to view and listen to sexual acts in music, MTV, television/movies, commericals, etc.

Are infants being sexualized?

High heels for babies.


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