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Default Re: Woman leads men in prayer

Hello ephesians6

I understand where you are coming from, but you seem to be hung up on religion rather than God. My feeling is that religion is not God but instead a man-made avenue for man to pass judgement on others. As you would know Judgement is reserved for God alone. Religion is a mechanism for man to control man. So you might as well include Christianity amongst all the other religions.

Forget about religion and develop your relationship with God, and you will eventually see what I mean. I think you will ultimately feel at peace with God if you do.

I do not believe that Jesus was a religious man either. He served God, so that is what we should do. Can you see that Jesus was telling us to worship God only? Can you see that worshipping Jesus first is to put God second?

Look at it this way, God created Jesus in His image, just like you and me. Jesus died and I will die too, as will you. That means that we, like Jesus, are beneath God.

Ahmad can probably explain it better than me, but the concept of trinity is actually a pagan belief.

What do you say?
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