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Default Freemasonry is a criminal organisation

This is the truth about how the Masons really operate and believe in their criminal system. This is how cowardly confident they feel.

This is how a controlled Masonic drone thinks;

We are a good, charitable, fraternity of men?
We all use numerous aliases and hide behind the curtains.
We are profound liars. This is one of our first lessons.
We award chocolate medals for telling lies on behalf of the brotherhood.
We defend each other no matter what.
We are masters of disinformation.
We feel confident hiding behind our Master's apron.
We are all gang-stalkers.
We are masters of cheap psychology.
We don't even know the truth as we are all controlled individually.
We are guaranteed a job for life, regardless of qualifications.
We use trusted Masonic families and friends to carry out Masonic Theatre.
We knew about 911 before the profane did. It gave us empowerment.
We have no idea what our fellow Mason's are up to.
We are all eyes and ears for our puppet masters, the intelligent elite.
We do a profile on everybody.
We even brainwash our innocent offspring into Freekmasonry.
We don't care about anything outside Freekmasonry.
We collectively destroy families, businesses, anything, anybody.
We work by cowardly stealth.
We only eat Masonic flavoured carrots. No other story/version will do.
We are masters at wasting your valuable time, no matter how trivial.
We control all CCTV and it only works if we say so.
The "G" in Freekmasonry means Gobble De Gook.
We are destroying the planet and it's contents for total control.
We are just puppets for the elite.
We actually believe in Freekmasonry.
We take orders on how to get inside your head.
We control the Military, Government, Judiciary, NHS, Finances, You.
We control all of your communications.
We are the invisible terrorists within all communities.
We have infiltrated all religions.
We do a lot for corrupt Masonic controlled charities.
We love stupid symbols and believe in them.
We all childishly giggle on collective persecution of one victim.
We control all crime, drugs and the misery that comes with it.
We can isolate (ostracize) any chosen individual.
We are undiluted evil dressed up as good.
We have been programmed to "HATE" profane (uninitiated) people.
We will label truth-seekers or victims as being delusional or paranoid.
We have a new name in the UK, it's called "Common Purpose"
We are very good at sowing seeds into your head.
We control all TV, radio and newspapers.
We fabricate and manipulate all hatred, rumour, revenge and evil.
We are a criminal cult, religion, network, organisation.
We are 100% calculated derangement.
We destroy all genuine Masonic victim's groups, forums and truth-seekers.
We are protected by "The Order Of The Police"
We have lodges in every Police, Government, NHS, Judiciary, Military Dept.
We have a contact number if things go wrong.
We get rewarded for our persecution and allegiance.
We fabricate wars, poverty, politics, terrorism, etc.
We specialise in Masonic Theatre of all types, including terrorism.
We kill the good guys and anything that represents good.
We infect everything we touch.
We strive for genocide.
We keep criminal secrets upon pain of death.
We are absolutely terrified to leave this criminal fraternity.
We pretend to believe in a deity.
We believe in sacrifice, Lucifer, Satan, The Horned God and anything bad.
We live in a parallel world to the ignorant law abiding taxpayers.
We use thousands of different group names world-wide.
We get pleasure watching innocent profane people suffer.
We are so mentally messed up, we think we're in control.
We are the most grand, wondrous, worshipful "LEMONS"
All religions, debating groups, secret societies or societies with secrets (their get out clause), etc, etc, are under the umbrella of Freekmasonry.

ASK A MASON, WE'RE HERE TO DECEIVE. You have our Masonic guarantee.

Everything written here can be backed up in front of a live, independent, filmed audience. But the corrupt elite are "HELL" bent on control and destruction.

Fact is, lower Mason's have been dehumanised and beyond repair. We are dealing with brainwashed drones who are in denial. It's official, you have to be of very low intelligence to be a Freekmason. Yes boss, shakin' it.

They persecute me constantly and I only have one weapon, my head. It doesn't matter what happens to me, I've only ever experienced their theatre and hatred. Wait till you read my story about Second Family UK (support group for victims of Freemasonry) It was mostly Masonic Theatre full of Masonic agents. All with half baked stories about them being victims of Freekmasonry. I recorded almost all of the calls over years. Don't forget they control all of my communications. I was also a member of some pretend victim's groups. This will blow you away with truth and how this criminal organisation operates, to protect their plunder.

Please forward and copy this to all as we have to educate each other to exactly what is happening. Now you know why something is not right. It's all very deliberate and part of the NWO's plans. We all need to work fast to stop this madness. There is only one problem, the elite's Masonic foot soldiers. It's their pyramid of cards, take the bottom card away.

Dear brilliant truth-seekers and all the good people on these forums, my apologies. I could kick myself so hard for not reading or listening to all the great posts on these websites for the last few years. Keep it up and ignore/isolate the selfish criminal Masons, this is what they do to us.

From - Home veteran victim of the Freekmasons
I do not hate Masons or anybody, only ignorance and evil.

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