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Default Re: victimisation conspiracy

They were experimenting with electromagnetic frequencies/microwaves as a way to penetrate one's mind and implant thoughts/suggestions and/or to make the victim believe they had ESP.

As far as reading one's thoughts, not sure about this.

However, it would take a whole lot of equipment and a whole lot of people to undergo this operation on the population.

I believe they concentrate their efforts on those whom were victims in the beginning during their studies and used as Guinea pigs and/or those whom they wish to silence.

Or, chose people from neither group above as experiments.

As I've stated previously, when I received a "suicide command," it was not MY VOICE. It was relentless and could have been from my programmers in the past.

It was persistent.

It was telling me many different ways to kill myself.

I knew there was NO REASON I would want to kill myself.

These suicide suggestions came out of THIN AIR.

Where they my programmer's voices from the past that were triggered when I awoke to the reality of my victimization or did they penetrate my mind in other ways?

Either way.

I don't let them in.

They have no power over my life.

I can't forget to mention that the men and women who rescued me from the cult armed me with instructions; trained me how to fight back and counter-act the perpetrators.

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