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Default Re: victimisation conspiracy

I am glad that you brought up ESP because from what I have read, allot of the victims exhibit strange idea's because of this research. The research requires them to stay awake and the voices gradually emerge in order for them to conduct their schizophrenic research. First there is an increase in the sound of the ventilation system in ones head which disrupts a persons concentrations. The subjects then shows signs of schizophrenia and starts to develop strange idea's, like he thinks he is god, an assassin and many other crazy idea's.

The voices are their to develop this schizophrenia and are mostly triggered by personal beliefs and other triggers. Schizophrenia develops and takes over the subjects life, creating habits and ludicrousy. The subjects career is probably in jeopardy at this point. Some subjects think that they are animals and can eat raw meat. A person who thinks he can eat raw meat should never be a doctor and I couldn't agree more.

I believe these tendencies exhibited by schizophrenics are part of the secret services research to study behavioural characteristics. How these subjects are invoked into these tendencies is another issue, which probably involves the study of psycoses and sleep hypnoses or something like that. Sigmund Freud probably had something to do with it!

The paranormal behaviour disappears in most subjects but most of them are probably miserable with harassment. Schizophrenia is harassment if its diliberate which can easily be induced with this mind reading technology.

I personally think that democracy is not full proof and if you are going to get paranoid maybe the sun shines better somewhere else. As for harassment I think the united nations probably keep a tab on everyone and ensure it follows some convention.

Can you imagine living with another identity in a totally different society. I think if this technology is true then our minds (which can be used for communication) could be a source of ID. If you could speak to whoever you want then your voice could be heard and as the saying goes "everybody has a voice in democracy". This technology can provide a means for a new ID but for now its based on a naive society which is not viable yet. This hidden society is still confidential and conspired upon. I am sure more people will probably get introduced to this technology as the years pass, through schizophrenia and thoughts.

I believe that if this technology existed and emerged in the future, then it will emerge in a society believing its a normal way of living. If this was true then who created this technology or are we being born into a society created by visionaries. Stalin was a visionary who believed in a society like this but I dont know too much about him to open a discussion. I would like to know what you think about visionaries and your favourite visions of the future?

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