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Default Target Earth Ground Zero - Please Read Important!!

Hi everyone. My name is Thor. I am working with a team to start a new civilization to get out of this bad time we are in as a planet. I have came across the undeniable Truth and once you read the next few passages you to may start to see the world in a different view.

The Picture is much bigger then you have imagined.

This is the beginning of the manual that will take us to a sucessful future by uncovering the lies and mysteries in the last 17,000 years here on Earth.

Please read, my good friend and the Guardian Wrote this book. I will make other post please leave this for questions on the book and make new topics for other. I have a full array of knowledge that I have learned and it will not stop.

Thorak Baeko

The file is removed.

Download is becoming available on Home

Thanks to Everyone that took the time to read.

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