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Default Re: Jon Stewart on CNN's "Crossfire"

Who can we really believe/trust??

Anyone in the media sooner or later discovers that they are part of the propaganda machinery. Except --maybe-- for the local 'weather girl'. (She doesn't know that she -along with the weather is controlled.) But give her some time too!, and let her bloom.

Like Nicole Kidman's character said in one of her movies, "you're nobody unless you are on TV"
This was just a small reality verbage to what the really big picture is.

Once you are there, you are "invited in" into the biggest family of hoax-sters!! Liars!!
And you are 'hooked' in.

I enjoyed watching/listening to Jon Stewart in the early years, but then I thought I began to see some "thread" running through him too!!

Just my opinion/comment. get_real
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