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Default Re: Mystery Space Machines Above -

Originally Posted by Barbara View Post
Don't sleep, don't close your eyes - got to be sure you have the last word.

Fill up those pages with your brilliant intellect. Kill those threads. How dare anyone want to discuss topics about which you have no clue.

Springsteen, fill up some more pages about Springsteen and his family whom you so obviously envy.

Do it while you can, your time is almost up.
My time is almost up?

Seems I'm kind of like the energizer bunny.

Sorry, Babs, but envy Springsteen and his family!?!

Have you even read anything that I've written about the man?

Obviously not.

If you have and consider I'm envious of the man and his family, you have certainly misconstrued that which I have made blatantly clear.

The man is a disgusting pig.

Let me guess.

You're a Springsteen fanatic.

Have all his CD's.

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