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Default Re: Political question?

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I think you misunderstand its secrecy, PsyOps is not that secret. For example clinton apologises for the victims of the MKultra research. There has been a policy over psyops operations in vietnam which I saw on the internet somewhere.

I dont think psyops is that secret but maybe the different research involved in psyops have their own level of secrecy. My question about democracy was not specifically related to psychological research but a general question about democracy.

I responded to your democracy question and nowhere in my response did I mention psychological operations.

I think you're on the wrong thread.

As far as Clinton's apology, not sure he specifically used the words MKULTRA.

I'm searching now and came up with another Clinton apology about a study done on men who thought they were receiving medication for syphilis, but were not and instead being studied to see how the disease progressed.

AllPolitics - Clinton Apologizes To Tuskegee Survivors - May 16, 1997

President Clinton apologized to the thousands of victims who were subjected to unethical experimentation in hospitals, universities and MILITARY BASES across America.

YouTube - President Clinton Apologizes for MK Ultra


My initial comment was right.

He NEVER used the words MKULTRA or MIND CONTROL.

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