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Do you think maybe USER brought up the MKULTRA apology by Clinton in this thread; although it was not the topic of discussion so I would view the clip and let bygones be bygones?

Maybe USER is Bill Clinton!?!

He said psychological operations are not that secret because Clinton apologized for same.


Clinton NEVER said MKULTRA nor did he ever say Mind Control victims.

MKULTRA is only one of thousands of "psychological operations" and experimentation on the citizen's of this country.

MKULTRA is a word that people have heard; however, the depth of the experiments and the depth of the sadistic abuse that occurs when a victim of Project Monarch is not something that the average citizen understands.

HE can apologize all he wants and it runs off my back like a duck in water.

An apology is insufficient.

Restitution by the government to the victims is what I demand.

I also demand that these programs cease and desist and become public knowledge as to the "sadistic" nature of creating multiple personalities; the use of children in Mafia/CIA pornography and as sex slaves and that the "sadistic pigs" who abused me and thousands of other children receive appropriate punishment.


I will settle for nothing less.


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