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Default Re: Woman leads men in prayer

" to the Way of Christ there are a few others that also lead to God/ sound like someone who seems to think there is only ONE way to God and it's through the acceptance of Christ, and Christ ALONE. I don't agree, but that doesn't mean I REJECT Christ and His message." the words of Draken

Yes, you have rejected Christ with your own words! Sorry my friend, but there can be no fence straddling when it comes to Jesus. You either belong to Him or you DON'T!

According to your own words Draken you don't belong to Jesus Christ. You are NOT one of His own because you are essentially saying that His death at the cross was not necessary because you 'believe' there are 'other ways' to God.

(I tried to tell you in a previous email that Satan first works to obtain a stronghold in men's minds through deception. Have you already forgotten that? When men do not hold fast to the Word of God, they submit to Satan and become deceived. Jesus said that Satan was, a liar, a thief and a murderer. Satan already has you deceived, so you are just 2 steps away from destruction! Wake up!)

If there are 'other ways' to God, then Jesus terrible death at the cross was unecessary! His shed blood, according to you, was wasted. But it is ONLY through His shed blood that men can be saved; neither Mohammed, Buddha or any other false prophet or false god can offer you freedom from your sins.

By your own mouth you have confessed that there are 'other ways' to God and that salvation through Christ isn't necessary, but you are deceived once again by the greatest liar of all time.

For Jesus said, "I am the way, the truth, and the life. No man comes to the Father but through me."

You will be like the man who stands before Jesus on that coming day, claiming to be one of His own saying, "But I never rejected you. I just believed that there were many ways to God apart FROM YOUR DEATH ON THE CROSS." But He will say to you, "Depart from me wicked man, for I never knew you."

You cannot embrace 'other ways' to God when Christ alone paid the debt for your sins and mine. You blaspheme when you attempt to deceive others with your own confusion and deception. You are in great danger when you deceive others with false doctrines that you subscribe to.

Jesus warned that some will attempt to sneak in to the kingdom without going through the "narrow gate" but they will be rejected.

The Spirit of Christ does not dwell in any man who would claim that there are 'other ways' to salvation besides Christ. You can believe whatever you want to believe, but it is YOU who will pay the price for rejecting Christ.

You are in danger of eternal separation from God, should you die at this moment. The fires of hell are close by for you my dear lost friend. Laugh or scoff all you want, but my words will prove true.

Jesus Christ is the only way to eternal life and all who reject Him, will perish.

What you 'believe' means nothing because your 'beliefs' are based on your own understanding of things which comes from Satanic deception--not on the word of God and the testimony of Christ.

"Lean not unto your own understanding" but trust in the words of the Lord ONLY!

Just remember: You have the power over where you will spend eternity; your fate will depend on the choice that you make. God will not send you to hell, but rather your own rejection of Christ will send you to hell.

I wouldn't want to be without Christ in the coming months and years but the world is full of fools who think that they know more than the Word of God.
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