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Default Re: A Eugenists Wet Dream

You truly seem to think you are on to something there with your little rants. you try to be a spin master but you are flawed in your observations. First of all in the Japanese Suicide epidemic i merely stated "Another deadly combination is caused by bleach being mixed with ammonia" which in no way encouraged suicide but was meant as a warning to an unknowing individual that those combinations which i described could harmful. In fact the word suicide was never used in my post of chemical reactions. Second it is becoming clear that you troll the threads pick apart certain aspects what people say while ignoring the context in which they were delivered and try to make your case . you show a tell tale sign of subversive techniques by attempting a chracter assasination rather than debate actual information which is what a public forum is for. Discussion. If you dont like my threads or just dont have any clue on the subject feel free to skip them and go on to the next one.
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