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Default Re: Woman leads men in prayer

"What you 'believe' means nothing because your 'beliefs' are based on your own understanding of things which comes from Satanic deception--not on the word of God and the testimony of Christ." - Ephesians6

Are you saying that no one can discern the truth for themselves or they are being led by Satan?, and only if you listen to what someone else commands you then you are following the word of God?...

I pray that you would learn to Edify, uplift, and encourage your brothers and sisters rather than continually cast down judgement, threatening anyone who has an opinion with getting roasted in fire and brimstone.

Please you believe others will percieve you as a follower of Christ when you speak with hateful language?

I also wish that you would realize that many of your views are not 'truth' but opinions..."judge not, or you will also be judged"
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