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Default Re: Why Do people say the jews run the world?

I don't love Jews.. as far as i am concerned .. They always lie to me and cheat me, because I am not one of them.. I would like to be one of them but they won't let me.. So I say screw'em.

I would like to think of myself as God's gift to the world.. as they seem too... But they won't let me into their club, because I am not an Ashkenazi.... Russian Israeli mafia member. (If you ain't an ashkanazi.. You ain't nobody0!!! Do a check on who runs the Homeland Security.. Do a check of who is the attorney General... These are the guys that got away with letting the dancing Israelis.. Skip back to Israel to proclaim that they were there to "document the video of the .. The destruction of 911...

Damn, I hate it when that happens... I guess I will have to continue to be a bumb... (Like everybody else that isn't in on the take)..Good Luck suckers.. You have been had.
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