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Default Re: Killer Tomatoes...

no ! Redtrat is not missleading you !

thousandsof thousands of toms have been pulled off shelves in uk , spain and a few other countries . it is old news to us . but make no mistake ,slamonela is a food poison and even exists in our own stomache , i will agree anyone that says they have not hured of poisoning bye tomatoes , me niether , but , shops dont pull off thousands of toms because just because some one says !

i will side with redrat here ! all redrat was doing , was telling you , so that you dont pop your cloggs someday , thats all .

blue angel ? we have had this in the uk !

please dont chastise redrat for giving info , its what the NWO does . decharactorisation of poeple who tell news .

im not trying to start a talk fight ,especially since im a new kid on the block , but it is terranical of anyone who wants to expell a thread just because they havent hured of something .

yes a few bad ones here and there , but it only takes 1 bad one to spead the desease .
the rest is hostory .

i feel that toms were not the issue here .

keep it clean guys . we are all here for a good reason . to find the truth . the truth or any issue , will never be totall understaood unless it is raised bye those who see something wrong . and it is upon these issues we trial , we compare notes , evidance , to come to a clean conclusion about what is real and what is not .

good thread redrat . our shelves are now full again and i will agree with caurs and affect . toms suck . and ayway , they also have the same chemicals as nicoteen in sigarettes .

its no wonder many poeple love them .

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