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Default Re: Woman leads men in prayer

Well, first of all, I'm not a Christian according to the popular definition, and will never be one. However, I have great respect for true Christianity and the real teachings of Jesus. I also know many people of the Christian faith that are spiritually very evolved. I remember making a posting earlier on a Catholic Father that I knew in India, who can actually manifest Light coming from his heart when he reads the Bible. I consider only people of such calibre to be truly qualified to teach others about Christianity. All others IMO that keep ranting about their dogmatic preachings without actually developing a Christlike nature are nothing but mind-controlled slaves belonging to the cult of "Churchianity".

The gentleman I was referring to is a true devotee of Jesus Christ. I even got a chance to talk to him and ask him how he accomplished it. He replied very humbly that there's nothing very "special" about him, and that all he did was to dedicate every little action of his to Jesus Christ, including little things like breathing, eating, lifting of objects and sleeping. Everytime he did these things he mentally affirmed that it was Jesus that did all the things, not him.

Through the constant practice of this discipline which sounds very simple, yet very challenging, he came to a point where his mind, heart and soul was involuntarily one with Jesus EVERY moment of his life. And no wonder Jesus blesses him abundantly.

This is what true submission to Jesus Christ is all about anyway. I'm also aware that the Orthodox Church does teach the importance of devotion. Also, this gentleman has unconditional love for all living beings, and manifests it in his actions. He does not claim that his way is the only way, and has respect and tolerance for all faiths, as he understands the true essence of his faith. As one progresses further and gets closer and closer to one's innermost source, the outer dogmatism automatically drops off.

True spirituality is about developing spiritual qualities such as unconditional love for all beings; a constant quest to be in touch with God; an ever-increasing faith in God; a constant effort at self-improvement and becoming a better person; and receptiveness to guidance from God at every moment of one's life. Jesus was one such great soul that exemplified this through his own actions, and set an example for others to follow. And anyone that follows this example receives the gift of being one with the Holy Spirit. Such a person is unperturbed by the ups and downs of the outer circumstances; rejoices in Divine Bliss; very rarely gets angry; and has full faith that God will take care of his needs in abundance. And I've seen this Father manifest it in his own actions.

Real Christianity has nothing to do with dogmatism. Dogmatism might serve an important purpose in the beginning, as only then a person can become focussed on one path. And as the person progresses further and gets closer to the source, the outer forms are discarded. On the other hand, if the person is too stuck up in outer forms without achieving inner growth through a constant effort at developing divine qualities, then he only ends up becoming a mind-controlled fanatic nut under some form of a "mental drug addiction".

I know that there are many fanatics that self-righteously try to force their dogma on other people's throats, without any idea of what true spirituality is about. I'm sorry to say this, but don't ever expect me to take you seriously.
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