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Default Re: Are the Masons evil?

but ? are the masons evil ?

most poeple who just sit back and do nothing , are evil !

infact ? it is a strong conviction of mine , that since there are only a few that make the world bad place up top , and generally most of man kind is full of mid-fence sitters who claim they cant do anything to justify why they dont do anything , and only a hand full of poeple who search the truth who are concidered wiered , or strange , but actually do something about it ,

raises me to theconclusion that the most reason why , we have this spiritual famin and evil pestilance , is because those we call polotitions , make polocies , these polotcies are made for the masses , who ? do nothing about it , there fore , the masses are to blame for this sick twisted planet because they do everything to accept it in their minds and life , but also do everything to make sure , that they do othing about it .

are the freemasons evil ? probarbly !!

are the masses evil ? yes they are !

we are what we do !
actons speek louder than words .
all truth is its own evidance !

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