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Default Re: Dedication Thread!

this is a well interesting thread 'blue angel' . it really is . i can say your thought for those who lay down their lives for others is very 'well done' and seems to be quite liberal in its approach . it is a good juesture .

you are but only 1 in a 10000000000 poeple who have even spared the thought for those in the stone age countries we blow off the map .

i feel our troops , and those we exterminate , have all been grosly betrayed bye our leaders etc . i cannot help but feel for those who come back with PTS because of the mayhem an hell we created for them . after all , they lay down their lives with a readyness to do anything they have been told to do , and also put their lives on th line just because they serve us and our leaders . it is a shame they were betrayd in this way .

sometime in the future , it would be a greater thing if we not only remembered western troops and easten troops , ( as you have so kindly , and thoughtfully stated in your action of creating this thread ) but some day , when our masses are ready , maybe they can also think about the 50,000 babies who have had their brains sucked out and gizzareds thrown all over their homes , along with aother 72000 parents who have also had to watch this and go through it , because of our twisted insane reasons that we proclaim is the manner of how freedom and democracy is achieved .

poeple who are willing to listen to both sides of the story , poeple like your self who are conciderate for both parties , is the only true way to achieve piece and properaty .

good thoughts Blueangel . afew more threads like this , might do us all the world of good .
its a shame that those who are self proclaimed leaders , do not have the same approach.

and that "god bless you" is a good way to show your true nature . you are a touching soul blue angel . its nice to see such thought provoking , and concerned thoughts for others .

there is too much hate on the planet . i can see your intentions are liberral. its nice to see .

good thread blue angel .
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