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Default Re: The Japanese Soap Detergent suicide epidemic???

redrat11 ?

i also thought too that certain mixes have profound affects on us .

suiside can be pushed along alittle bye these situations , however i have found that those who want to off tem self , usually are just waiting for he perfect excuse , or certain downer inwhich they find the ability to do it .

i have noticed , in the uk , that our whole market for childrens drinks are cornered with aspartame .

if it was one or two , or may 50/50 , then i could just let it ride .
but to think the whole markets is covered , and hardy nowhere can i find a childs drink with out it , only adds strength to the fact that these poeple who want to make a quick buck bye targeting childrens drinks with a brain destroying chemicals , are no different to those in the pop industry who practice pedo philosophies .

they are all monsters .
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