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Default Re: Are the Masons evil?

Originally Posted by ice View Post
but ? are the masons evil ?

most poeple who just sit back and do nothing , are evil !

infact ? it is a strong conviction of mine , that since there are only a few that make the world bad place up top , and generally most of man kind is full of mid-fence sitters who claim they cant do anything to justify why they dont do anything , and only a hand full of poeple who search the truth who are concidered wiered , or strange , but actually do something about it ,

raises me to theconclusion that the most reason why , we have this spiritual famin and evil pestilance , is because those we call polotitions , make polocies , these polotcies are made for the masses , who ? do nothing about it , there fore , the masses are to blame for this sick twisted planet because they do everything to accept it in their minds and life , but also do everything to make sure , that they do othing about it .

are the freemasons evil ? probarbly !!

are the masses evil ? yes they are !

we are what we do !
actons speek louder than words .
all truth is its own evidance !

Yes, there are those who perpetrate wickedness (the few) and there are those who allow it (the many).

The Bible says people are willingly ignorant, they choose to be stupid, and also says the people perish for the lack of knowledge.

People are also waxed fat, which means I am comfortable, dont rock my boat, turning a blind eye towards others wickedness and suffering.

"By the people for the people" is something I consider in different ways.
The questions one needs ask is, by what people for what people ?, and, in what way for what way ? (there are only two ways from which to choose one, good or bad).

I think about the Bible story where the people want the good guy crucified while wanting the bad guy set free.

The story about people being more wicked in the end times (now) than before the flood, (here's the good news) or ever will be.

Is this all by chance ?
Or is there orchestration ?

I say that we are in that short season in which Satan is released, and that that season is almost over.

Good times are just ahead, for mankind, though I wont be seeing it, I can see it.
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