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Default Re: Are the Masons evil?

TheLucifer ?

i used to be much of a faith man , although at one time i was a born again Christian .
until i learned , under no cercumstances are christians suposed to pray to him ,ie jesus , but to god only . ie , praying to jesus is a satanic mind trick of idolising .
anyway to side step from that , last night , after 15 year of rebellion , and almost finishing 5 years work on how religion imprisons free thought and practices ignorance , i changed my mind again !

i am now , seriously concidering , altering much of my book before i get it published . it is the "right thing to do !" especially after a rescent event .

anyway , also getting away from that ,

Luther King ; and i quote ,

he who passively accepts evil is as much involved with it as those who perpatrate it . he who accepts evil with out protesting against it , is really co-operating with it !

logan pearsall smith ;

it is amongst poeple who think no evil , that evil can flourish without fear.

this one will say it all

Edna st vincent millay

evil alone has oil for every wheel .

yes ! our masses are to blame for our world sickness , not so much our leaders .
there are enough of our masses to protest ! so why dont they ? after all polotitions make polocies , for those , they govern . they only make polocies , it is the actions and inactions of the masses , that commit the acts and do nothing about it !

we surely are at the ass edge of hell in these days . thaks to our masses ignorance , fear . poverish back stabbing system loving ridicule , and stupendousely profound vanity !quite frankly , i dont feel sorry for them . also if it is realy near the end ? hhhhhhoooooooooooooorrrrrraaaaaaaaay !

im not a person who wants poeple to perish .
i am a person who wants poeple to reap what they sewe ! thats all !
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