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Default Jews & Non-Jews

Throughout history 2 different kinds of people have grown, but we look at them as all being Jew. Check out the Khazar-people, and you'll understand a lot better!! Zionism, study that too!! Because the Bible says that the Jews are God's chosen people, everybody gets stressed when a Jew is involved, but make the difference between Khazars & Jews, and study which group wants what, and you'll understand the Holocaust better!
Skull & Bones has Immense Power, that's for sure. At one of the most prominent universities, Yale, the members are recruited, and it's for life. Total secrecy is The rule. But you know too that things are hidden, want to be revealed. I have made a site myself to share information & knowledge with everyone, and I'm sure you will find something that starts your interest, there is over 100 hours of documentaries there for you to see!!

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