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Default Re: The Doomsday Seed Vault.

i suppose no one knew this ?

how many of us think Iraque was all about oil ?

well i dont blame any one for that because 90% of it was because of that .

i have something to say that i believe no one at all knew , if i have too , one day i will search old BBC archives for it .

Iraque was also , one of the only countries on this planet , that had , in 1989 , a fall vault of unmolested geniticly altered seed crop .

the UN and other western global dictatorships , all wanted to bid to bye this storage , but it was turned down , by a famouse name we all know .
he told them to get lost .

one and a half years later , this great big war started .

i think it took , 27 or so , countries , to invade and systematicly slaughter , inoscent farmers , women and children , to creat the image of freedom and democracy .

many think its oil , it is , but not only oil !

they were after his crop too !
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