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Default Re: Kid arrested for bringing glass of water to Schiavo

Her ex-husband wants her dead. The family says he was abusive and that it is possible that he was to blame for her condition (beat the hell out of her). He got one million dollars from the doctors and spent it all. He also denied any kind of therapy to Terri and married another woman.
This, in any civilized court in the world would mean that he has no authority over her (he left her for another woman for God`s sake). Her parents want to take care of her, but the husband wants her dead, and unbelievable as it sounds, the Judiciary in the States is giving him reason.

This case is important also because it will create a precedent. The woman is NOT in a coma and she never said she wanted to die. She is only a disposable human being, in the eyes of the NWO. It is important for them to start to get rid of people like her, because it is part of their plan to "clean the earth".

This is also part of their plan for a culture of death, so much liked by satan.
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