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Originally Posted by redrat11 View Post
I'm starting to be suspicous of this 'Makow' person, I have my reasons.... :roll:
Every joke is brand new to an infant.

Johny-come-lately Makow spent his life looking for strange pussy in strange places; then in 2002-3 he discovered this conspiracy and now he is on a mission to impress the ignorant with his new-found knowledge. Like David Icky and most conspiracists, he takes other people's work and presents it as if the result of his own research and new discovery.

He lived his life in marxist Canada but somehow he did not notice it. He got his doctorate at the (very marxist) University of Toronto, but did not notice it. In the library of UoT there are many of the books he recently discovered, sitting on the shelves undisturbed, but in those days he did not care for them. While Makow was looking for a date in the far country, Ron Gostick and the Canadian Intelligence Service did what they could, but Makow did not notice them, showed no interest in the subject back then.

choice words

free-trade tid-bit (what occupied Makow's attention in those days?)
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