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Default ha ha ha ! bet most singles are boys and men .

no trick ! dont repply back iether .

just makes me laugh . most , although not all , single poeple will inevitably be ?

hhhm ? lets see now ? boys and men .

i mean come on guys ! who the bl--dy hell would want to know you ?

most inteligent women have careers and stay single for good reason !

maybe because ? one day ? they will meet some one who rants on about nothing less than the world being totally buggered , paranoid to the worlds end .
i mean , im a bloke and ive hardly met any one worthy of holding some ones hands yet , let alone lay in the medow with ----------a WOMEN !

half blokes on chat forums have usually split with previouse partners .

may be .

wonder why !

how many threads hear talk about , how poeple love to take country walks ?
star gazing ? listening to dicky birds on a sunday morning before drinking perculated coffee ?

no wander our planet is totally f--ck-d .

women ? if you see this post ? dont answere it ! just learn about thoe who talk on this site .watch and see .

its like listening to voices who have nothingbetter to do with their lst beaths but curse the earth for all their muck ups .

well im going to do something different . im going to create a massive thread about , me , my sense of humar and a few other things , and maybe , some of the boys hear can learn something .

im not making a plea , for a partner , im just going to do something different .

however , ifyou deside that sitting on my face is a good start then maybe i can go with that .

oh bye the way , jane saw tarzan having sex with a tree , and was shocked , so she took tarzan aside and layed on the floor and said
"this is supposed to be where you put it"
suddenly tarzan took a long run up and kicked her in the beaver , and she screamed out "what was that for"
tarzan replied
"got to make sure al the bees have gone.

ha ha ha ha , brill .

my next thread is "life"

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